The brand building navigational plan for entrepreneurs, startups, & small business owners

At a Glance

For: Founders, Owners, CEOs, & Entrepreneurs

What: Brand Strategy + Marketing Plan for 2024

Who: We’re a team of content marketers & brand strategists with over a decade of agency,  media, and client experience

Why your marketing isn’t working


Small companies face a rough road ahead.

It’s harder than ever to stand out online. All the typical methods businesses have been using to drive new customers are getting more costly & less effective. 

New technologies (such as AI), a rapidly growing number of platforms & tools,  and lots of different voices about what a business “should” be doing online add to the confusion. 

The online marketing industry is evolving. This is due to changes in consumer behavior, increasing privacy concerns, and the growing power of giant ad tech companies. 

Cheap clicks & easy attention are no longer readily available. These changes are affecting SEO, social media, online ad buying, and content marketing. 

And it’s only getting tougher. 

It doesn’t help that the online marketing industry caters to the players with the biggest checkbooks.

Imagine the online marketing world like the goldrush. Those making it big are the ones selling shovels to everyone else (those who sell advertising tech, space, or services).

  • The ad tech industry is centralized in a handful of big corporations (who favor big budgets over small businesses)
  • Publishers & media companies routinely manipulate their data to make results look more favorable than they are (plus they’re highly vulnerable to ad fraud, which cost US advertisers $81 billion in 2022)
  • Ad agencies, branding design firms, & other advertising vendors are more concerned with making pretty things that win them awards than with helping you get results in your marketing 

In this environment, small brands are left scrambling in the dirt. 

There’s an Alternative

What’s the solution to an ad industry set on making a quick buck off of every business owner who doesn’t have the time, budget, or team to make effective marketing? 

A trusted partner. 

An outside voice who can uncover the best your company has to offer by helping you align all the pieces needed to make your marketing work for you. 

A guide who can help you navigate a confusing marketing world. Who can help you build marketing that actually works instead of just slinging stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

Here’s what that looks like. 

A Roadmap to a Successful 2024

We begin with an audit of your brand and current marketing strategy. 

As content marketers and brand strategists, we’ll come into your business to learn everything you’re currently doing, what you’ve tried in the past, and what you hope to accomplish in the future. 

We’ll evaluate your brand, strategy, content marketing, competitive position, and more to form an assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. 

Want to take it further? 

Our strategy package will translate the audit into a clear roadmap: from our recommended brand strategy all the way down to a marketing plan for the rest of 2024. This will: 

  • Give you clarity on what to do NEXT
  • Save you time worrying about what you “should” be doing 
  • Maximize the impact of your available marketing budget 
  • Ensure every part of your brand & marketing is aligned

Finally, if you’d like the help to execute on this plan, from creating content assets to finding the right resources to bring it to life, we can discuss ways to do that in our implementation package. 

Keep reading for more details. 

Our Services

Unlock Your Business Potential 

The Audit Package

  • Deep dive into your business, current marketing, & competition
  • Uncover your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, & opportunities
  • Get clarity on what you should be focusing on in your marketing
  • Deliverable: A report containing all of the above, with recommendations for next steps

Price: $2500

The Strategy Package

Everything in the Audit Package, plus:

  • A recommended brand strategy to help you stand out in a crowded market
  • A marketing roadmap providing you with a clear plan of action for the coming year
  • Deliverable: A report and strategy document that will save you time, money, & energy trying to figure out your marketing plan for 2024

Price: starting at $6500

The Implementation Package

Everything in the Strategy Package, plus:

  • A team at your disposal to help execute on your new strategy
  • Content assets, help accessing the resources you need, & more
  • Deliverable: a suite of strategic assets to help you implement the Strategy Package

Price: Custom

About Us

We have a combined  13+ years of experience in content marketing & brand strategy across agencies, in-house marketing positions, and freelancing roles. 

Janine Devault

Janine is a talented content writer and strategist with nearly a decade of experience. She has a proven track record of growing audiences for both her clients and her own brand.

As a former celebrity dog-walker, Janine has insight into the pet industry from many different perspectives. 

The combination of her content marketing know-how and deep industry experience will bring key insights to your marketing plans. 

Josh Lopez

Josh is a former ad agency copywriter and content manager turned brand strategist.

After nearly half a decade in the advertising industry – from agency to media – his specialty is helping brands identify what sets them apart, and how to communicate that difference to the market.

His experience has kept him close to the many shifts in the online performance and content marketing worlds, impressing the importance of coming back to foundational business and marketing principles rather than relying on algorithms, 3rd-party platforms, or “what’s working now.” 


I have had the pleasure of working with Janine on a few different writing projects. She consistently impresses me with her quality of work. I consider her one of my top writers of choice when looking for talent to join a team. Janine enthusiastically takes on a project and delivers exactly what you ask for. I highly recommend her!

Darlene Stott Senior Editor, Wag!